Young woman delivers message of hope after losing legs in train accident

A young Utah woman who lost her legs in a freak train accident in Colorado is now trying to help prevent others from making the same kinds of mistakes. Anna Beninati was just 17 years old when the accident happened. She has vivid, graphic memories of the horrific September day in which she and a group of friends decided to try to jump onto a moving freight train to catch a free ride back to school. Fleeting visions of the event run rampant in Anna's mind, but what stands out the most is her thoughts just before she tried to hop the train. "I had a very clear feeling for several minutes before I even ran for that train. Just thinking, you know, something tells me I'm not gonna get on that train — something tells me this is going to go really, really badly," Anna said Friday in an interview on NBC's Today Show. Now, in the aftermath of a horrific incident, Anna has decided to take the lot she's been given and make the most of it that she can. "I can either stop where I am and sit here and do nothing but wallow in self pity, and, you know, shake my fist about why I don't have my legs, or I can choose to get over it and just move on. And I chose the latter," Anna said. Anna hopes her message will reach teens who are perhaps considering texting while driving, walking home alone in the dark, or driving while intoxicated — and persuading them to think twice. "Go with your gut, no matter what the situation is. If it doesn't feel right, don't do it."