About Us

GNLi.com is a universal video platform providing FREE high quality, faith-relevant, uplifting videos appropriate for the whole family.

Our vision is to be a platform for all the churches, ministries, seminaries and individuals to register and upload trustworthy, honorable, and good content, while providing abundant bread of spiritual life for our visitors.

As a pan-denominational media source , GNLi.com views all Christian denominations as equal constituents of the body of Christ, and all of our staff and contributors adhere to our statement of faith.

Editorial Team

We are here to gather and share all the sermons, testimonies, worship songs, seminary classes, christian news and other inspirational videos.

We want to cooperate with all the churches and Christian organizations, to create a huge video platform to spread gospel to the world.


GNLi.com was started in Mar. 2005 by several devoted christians in San Francisco, using the URL of goodnewsline.com in the beginning, gathering many sermon videos from megachurches.

After past several years' development, GNLI.com became one of the biggest christian video websites, owning more than several million visitors every month.


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