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In late December, 2012, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill banning all American adoptions of Russian children. Americans have adopted hundreds of children from Russia each year, providing hope and love to those languishing in Russia's overstressed orphanage system. Protests against this new law have erupted in both the United States and Russia. How this controversy will be resolved remains to be seen. What can be seen is the power of life-giving love exhibited by those who have successfully adopted in the past. Bringing Joshua Home tells the personal story of one family who successfully adopted a Russian child. Arthur and Hanna Rasco share the challenges, joys, and drama of adopting their baby boy from Moscow and introducing him into their family. If you've ever wondered what it is like to adopt internationally, this film gives an inside, real-life look into the process from start to finish.

Director: Arthur Rasco

Starring: Arthur Rasco, Hanna Rasco

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