Changeover, Full Movie, written and directed by Estes Tarver. The movie features Madeline Taylor, Andre Gower, Carter Godwin, Estes Tarver, Carrie Michelle, Tara Polhemus

After Haley Thompson suffers the loss of her parents in a fatal car wreck, she moves in with her almost estranged single uncle and his young son. Still trying to cope with her parents death, Madeline suffers from PTSD, and other mental health issues as they all attempt to move on from tragedy and make a life together as a new family.

Directed by Estes Tarver

Written by Tripp Green, Estes Tarver

Starring Andre Gower, Alex ter Avest, Madeline Taylor


Andre Gower as Michael

Madeline Taylor as Haley Thompson

Alex ter Avest as Sooze

Abigail Rose Cornell as Tennis Girl 2

Dakota Hood as Kelly (Student in Hall)

Luray Cooper as ER Doctor

Kevin Iannucci as Audience member

Estes Tarver as Chad Thompson

Rusty Martin Sr. as Pastor Williams

Tara Polhemus as Taylor

Gabriella Cila as Waitress

Carrie Marshall as Kacy Davis

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