Life: It's A Gift And A "Class" Project | Full Movie | Keith Phillips | Stephanie Strouss

This intense film deals with abortion, casual sex and teen relationships. As God created life in the Garden of Eden, Eli, a teacher at Eden High School, creates life in his basement. He will give the responsibility to his students to care for the lives he creates. Some will pass; others will fail. One will abort the life he has given her. For Emily, a 17-year-old high school junior, Eli's class project will change her life, including her relationship with her abusive boyfriend, Jason. Every scene holds clues as to whom Eli represents in this video. In the end, Emily and the viewer will have to answer the question, "But what if you could start all over again?" It's a powerful drama for teens. This program helps young people to think carefully about choices in life and the consequences of their behavior. It's a program every teenager should see.

Director: James Likens

Starring: Keith Phillips, Stephanie Strouss, Dereck Cecil

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