Stumbling Blocks to Faith

Stumbling Blocks to Faith

Many people say they would like to become a Christian believer but cannot because of some insurmountable stumbling block. This program presents the most common ones. Solid reason or handy excuses? Here is a candid presentation of the allegations and Christian responses. Includes discussion guide in PDF.

1. Hypocrisy -- Many who claim to believe in absolute truths do not practice what they preach. From the most public examples to people we all encounter in our individual lives, we are faced with the thorny problem of hypocrisy. Doesn't this weaken the witness of the faithful? Ultimately, how are we to explain this apparent hypocrisy?

2. Intolerance -- Christianity holds that it is not what we do but what we believe that gets us to heaven. Is it true that all who are not believers in Christ are condemned? Is that a fair question? And what about people of other faiths who seem to be living good and decent lives?

3. Science -- One of the raging debates as of today is about the relative merits of science and faith. Was man created by God in his own image, as the Book of Genesis tells us, or did man evolve from a cosmic blast -- often referred to as ""The Big Bang""? How old is the earth? Is there life beyond our world?

4. Suffering -- Perhaps the most imposing stumbling block to faith is that of suffering. Why does God permit innocent people to endure the many trials that accompany this life -- disease, natural disasters, broken relationships, the death of a child? Does God cause suffering or simply allow it? How are we to respond?

5. Sacrifice -- Clearly, the preconception exists that becoming a Christian involves sacrifice. What must I give up to follow Christ and become a Christian? Won't I have to stop doing many of the things I enjoy? And won't I have to start doing a lot of things I may not enjoy? The question of sacrifice is one that must be settled effectively before a strong and deep faith can be established."

Producer: Tim Donnor
Starring: Leesa Kelly, Lon Solomon

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