Surprised by God | Full Movie | Stephen Arterburn | Kris Rees | Bill Rowell

As a student in college, Steve got a girl pregnant and pushed her to have an abortion — a decision he regrets to this day. Steve shares the pain and heartache of "post abortion syndrome." The despair of the abortion intensified after learning that he and his wife were an infertile couple. See how God's grace filled their lives as the Lord gave them a precious little baby girl to adopt. This program will inspire you and show you the power and grace of the God of second chances. Included on the tape is a special message from Steve Arterburn commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Supreme Court's Roe vs. Wade ruling. Also included is a woman's testimony of how the love and care from one church's crisis pregnancy center loved her into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Director: Bill Rowell

Starring: Stephen Arterburn, Kris Rees

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