THE WAR WITHIN is a unique fantasy that takes viewers to a world that only God can see; the world of the inner man. Michael Sinclair (Brett Varvel) is a syndicated cartoonist whose dream of a perfect life is upended when tragic events transform his dream into a nightmare. The result is a war that wages within his soul which is personified by six members; Mind, Memory, Emotion, Will, Conscience, and Heart. The ensuing battle for control adversely effects his relationship with his wife Amy (Rebecca Reid) and causes Michael to doubt his faith in God. But in the midst of this spiritual test, Michael discovers that victory is found in surrender. As viewers follow the quest for answers inside of Michael, they may discover their own war within.

Directors: Brett Varvel, Drew Varvel

Writers: Brett Varvel, Gary Varvel

Starring: Brett Varvel, Rebecca Reid, Gary Varvel


Brett Varvel as Michael Sinclair / Heart

Rebecca Reid as Amy Sinclair

Gary Varvel as Will

Daron Day as Conscience

Drew Varvel as Emotion

Terry Varvel as Mind

Bruce Crum as Memory

Ellen Henry as Ellie Sinclair

Reggie McGuire as Ray

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