Riley Clemmons

Riley Clemmons' music is the intersection of her root in church music and love for fresh, upbeat pop. Her first single, Broken Prayers, is a powerful anthem that combines compelling melodies with a rich, thoughtful chorus. She began writing songs at the age of 13 and played shows around her hometown. Her inaugural collection of music finds her working with a bevy of top writers including GRAMMY Award®️-winning Emily Weisband and Josh Kerr alongside GRAMMY®️-acclaimed producers Ben Glover and Tedd T.

Riley shares her faith along with her stunning vocals and sunny personality. If there’s one thing Riley hopes listeners will take from her debut single, is that it's a growing process.“Stepping into who I am as a young woman and a child of God and finding my own identity through that is really the core of all the songs I’ve written,” she says. “I’m excited for people to hear that, and I hope it will help them find comfort in the midst of their own brokenness."

onward & upward | Romans 8:28