Amid the splendor of breath-taking scenery, relive the pain, anguish, and final victory as a firstborn son, restless, bored and yearning for a life in the fast lane, leaves home for the big cities of Europe. Experience a father’s unheeded warning: “Man has choices. But often he acts like the fish in the lake. They have all the food they need yet they’re often tempted by something that’s flashy, different, just because it’s an unknown. Often that unknown bears a hidden hook. I can point the hooks out to you, but I can’t stop you from swallowing them.” Follow young Erik through the journey of the Prodigal Son. Feel the ultimate rejoicing when the wayward son turns home. This is one of Heinz Fussle’s best films. A powerful Biblical story retold in a marvelous setting. Not to be missed.

Cast: Tony Mockus, Mikeal Happona, Shawna Dueck

Director: Heinz Fussle

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