No Bright Lights gives an up close and personal profile of Networks Romania, a Christian relief organization reaching out to some of Romania’s poorest people. In a shifting social and political environment, many Romanian children find themselves abandoned to the streets where they experience extreme poverty and injustice. Networks Romania works with the community to help stabilize families through word and deed expressions of the Gospel. In the course of its work Networks Romania has found itself asking profound questions about the nature of effective outreach to the poor: Is it possible that charity sometimes does more harm than good? Is the current “hit and run” approach to missions really effective? Networks Romania workers share their profound insights into these and other questions with conviction and compassion. Their conclusions speak to the necessity of sharing community with the poor as opposed to doing ministry to the poor, the importance of understanding the rhythms and norms of differing cultures and differentiating between real and perceived needs. No Bright Lights takes us on an enlightening journey and delivers a critical message that may redefine the way we look at outreach.

Director: Simon Dempsey

Starring: Lee Saville

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