Set in the near future, a young rebel named Adam is hauled into a government interrogation center. After being told he must answer questions or suffer the consequences, his father, Nick, confronts him. Adam hates his father because he was an abusive alcoholic drunk. Nick slowly begins to relate to Adam the story of his own conversion. As a young man, he too was a street racer in Los Angeles. His main opponents were two brothers - Ben and Pete Destin. One day, after a terrible accident, Ben regained consciousness and gave his life to Christ. His little brother was furious and eventually goaded him into running one final race - against Nick. While Nick recalls his own story to Adam, government officials are watching and waiting - By proclaiming Christianity, Nick has been targeted for "hate crimes," and everything he says is being recorded.

Director: Michael Cargile

Writer: Michael Cargile

Stars: Jake Head, Drew Garrett, Nathan Bell

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