These intimate, honest, and emotionally moving programs cover the experience of various individuals as they fight their own life and death battle against Cancer. The stories are as varied as the people telling them. They include a NASA space engineer, a sports champion, successful career men and woman, children and housewives, moms and dads, all battling various forms of Cancer. Cancer Stories is intended for anyone who has ever experienced the pain and triumph of this ever-increasing scourge, either on a personal level or via a family member or friend. Its very real, firsthand accounts reach the heart and, in spite of the difficult subject area, still offer comfort and encouragement! Cancer Stories approaches this dreaded disease from both a personal and medical perspective leaving the viewer both educated and well informed. Cancer Stories’ personal accounts embrace the essence of what it means to cope with cancer with courage and dignity from the perspective of those who know from personal experience. Host of the programs is Nancy Myers, who herself has experienced Cancer and approaches the subject through a sensitivity born of her own experience. Join her and the many individuals the program visits as they collectively “tour guide” you through the maze of Cancer!

Starring: Nancy Myers

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