Features stories of God’s work taking place on nearly every continent around the world.

This original series of documentary-style magazine shows was created as a prime-time series by FaithTV for airing on the Sky Angel satellite and many other cable outlets across America. It features stories of God's work taking place on nearly every continent around the world. Hosts for the series are Steve Saint and Dianne Becker, who use their personal mission experience to give a taste of the adventure of overseas work. Steve is the son of Nate Saint, one of the five missionaries killed in Ecuador in 1956. Dianne, who also served as producer for this series, has worked as a news reporter and has traveled the world producing many mission stories. The shows are hosted on location at Steve’s base of operation near Ocala, Forida. There is a hangar full of stories at I-TEC — Indigenous Peoples Technology and Education Center, where they work to empower indigenous churches. Stories featured on Mission include cannibals transformed by God’s love, living water offered to African villagers, street children offered a new life, and more. It also features stories from various mission agencies: Pioneers, SEND, World Team, Africa Inland Mission. These stories of God working will bring a new awareness of mission work worldwide.

Director: Dianne Becker
Starring: Diane Becker, Steve Saint

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