Are we really asking the “big questions” or have our lives, in an age of mass media accelerated beyond our ability to stop and reflect? In a Still Small Voice challenges us to ask questions about art and life in the context of what it means to be truly human. The film Features interviews with leading Christian artists, filmmakers, actors, dancers and others, who share their insights into how art ultimately points to God and “makes the invisible visible.” A great resource for anyone working in the creative fields, In a Still Small Voice encourages artists to adopt a biblical view of success i.e. being faithful to what God has created you to do as opposed to what society typically views as success.

Director: Steven Holloway

Starring: John H Dixon, Chris Anderson, Makoto Fujimura, Brett McCracken, Dan Calloway, Dick Staub, Gordon Pennington, Jeffrey Kepple MD, Bart Gavigan, Nigel Goodwin, George Deur

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