Watch Life Fine Tuned (2011) Full Movie on Vision Video

This family friendly comedy-drama tells the story of a self-absorbed teen pop-idol (aptly, named Star) who throws one too many tantrums during rehearsals for her new music video. Star drives off in a fury expecting an apologetic call from her manager at any moment. Instead she is replaced by her look-alike stand-in and the use of CG technology. Now lost in rural Virginia, Star is taken in by a Christian family who live a lifestyle in stark contrast to the world of the pop star. Inspired by the Madison family's faith, kindness and mutual love of music, Star begins to confront her wounded past, get in tune with those around her and ultimately with God.

Winner of the 2012 Top Applause Award a t the International Family Film Festival in Hollywood.

Director: Nina May

Starring: Victoria Emmons, Josh Murray

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