According to U.S. Census data, approximately 100 million single adults now live in the United States, representing 45% of all US households. Single Creek is a documentary about real Christian singles with real issues at all stages of life. How does the family-centric church treat those who are unmarried, divorced, widowed or those who choose lives of celibacy? The film urges church leaders and married couples to consider new ways to connect with this growing demographic while challenging singles themselves to live full lives of faith. Also includes insights from well-known authors and speakers on the subject of singleness and the church. "Single Creek provides inspiration, encouragement and insight for singles while exploring hurt, rejection and fear of being alone. Individuals share the steps they took to move beyond disappointment in life to finding comfort and purpose in their singleness." — Ken Mikesell, President and General Manager, Good Life Broadcasting Original Release: 2010; Re-released: 2022 Director: Chris Lang Starring: Terry Hershey, Dennis Franck #christiansingles #singlesministry #dennisfranck #terryhershey #chrislang

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