Each year in the USA

33% of all pregnancies end either in miscarriage or through elective abortion. How can the church bring hope and healing to the individuals who have experienced such loss?

When Mourning Breaks explores the impact of pregnancy loss on emotions, relationships, marriage and faith. This program encourages compassion and offers hope for those who have experienced either a miscarriage or an elective abortion.

While there are great differences between miscarriages and elective abortions, the emotional trauma that follows in each case is often very similar. Recognizing that elective abortion presents it's own unique set of circumstances and issues, When Mourning Breaks points out certain commonalities in the aftermath of both kinds of pregnancy loss and offers practical ways to support those who are hurting. By sensitively sharing the stories of grieving women and couples this program encourages compassion and offers hope.

Director: Chris Lang

Starring: Ann Caldwell, Jim Steed, Jay Perez

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