Military chaplains, men of faith serving in World War I, found themselves facing the gruesome reality of modern warfare. Serving side by side with soldiers in the trenches, chaplains became essential to the spiritual and psychological needs of those under their care. This four-part series takes you inside the lives of military chaplains who served during the Great War. Dramatic reenactments and interviews with key experts shed new light on an often overlooked but important role.

1. Military chaplains have had a long history with in the armed services Prior to World War 1, there was not a handbook for chaplains. Episode One looks at the history and the men of faith that served in the Great War.

2. Episode two looks at chaplains serving in the Gallipoli campaign who were under heavy fire and bombardment as the Allied invasion force was halted on the Turkish peninsula.

3. Episode three looks at chaplains who were awarded gallantry medals for their courage and commitment to the soldiers under fire. It also highlights the role of Christian organizations such as the YMCA and the Salvation Army, who worked tirelessly looking after the well being of the soldiers serving in the Great War.

4.Episode four looks at the chaplains who served in the Palestine campaign and the Battle of Jerusalem. It also looks at the way people would remember and mourn the lives that were lost in the Great War.

Director: Gary Wilkinson

Starring: Dr. Michael Snape, Rev. Dr. Peter Howson, Rev. Ieuan Elfryn Jones, Rev. William Ewing

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