WOSAKA tells the incredible story of Basil O’Connell-Jones, a thrill-seeking young man who, while in the Rhodesian Army’s Light Infantry, was shot in the head during a deployment, declared dead, and then returned to life 28 minutes later. Within those 28 minutes, Basil felt his soul leaving his body and experienced seeing his entire life flash before him. After coming back to life, he was told he would never walk, talk, or write ever again, a prognosis that would send him into depression and anger. For the next 18 months, he continually searched his heart and soul for answers, but found none. It wasn’t until an Army medic shared the Gospel and his conversion story with him that Basil found the answers and peace he was so desperately seeking.

Basil today has miraculously regained many of his abilities and has dedicated his life to Christ, serving his Church and sharing his life and testimony with people worldwide.

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