The Faith and Science Lecture Forum: Is There Meaning in Evil and Suffering? | Full Movie The Faith & Science Lecture Forum hosted an engagement to discuss the question, "Is There Meaning in Evil and Suffering?" Ravi Zacharias was the featured lecturer and he presented a 45-minute address offering the Christian perspective to this concern. His message was followed by rebuttals from three panelists: Dr. Bernard Leikind, a plasma physicist and senior editor of Skeptic magazine; Dr. Jitendra Mohanty, one of India’s most distinguished Hindu philosophers and professor at Emory University; and William Lane Craig, a well-known Christian philosopher and apologist. Each of the forum's participants then posed questions to one another, and the interaction was a lively exchange of ideas and worldviews. The dialogue was direct and challenging, yet handled with respect, cordiality (and sometimes humor!). Producer: Faith & Science Lecture Forum Starring: Ravi Zacharias, Dr. Bernard Leikind, Dr. Jitendra Mohantay, Wllliam Lane Craig


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