Watch on Vision Video In 1963, Lee Ezell, a confused and frightened 18-year-old—the victim of a brutal rape—bravely chose to have her baby and give her up for adoption. In the years that followed, Lee's life changed dramatically, with God's help: she had a successful marriage, two beautiful adopted daughters, and became a popular inspirational writer, speaker, and radio personality—but she would always feel a piece missing from her heart. Then one day, more than twenty years later, Julie appeared—the daughter she had given up for adoption. The part of Lee's past that had haunted her for years now returned to bless her. The Missing Piece is a truly inspiring testimony of the power of love and faith to heal the wounds of the past — to help each of us reclaim our own "missing pieces." Director: Darren L. Kaulback Starring: Lee Ezell

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