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Wrestling with God is an award-winning, dramatic exploration of the profound personal challenges and public pressures that helped shape one of the most celebrated public figures in 19th Century American religious and political circles.

Alexander Campbell immigrated to America as a young man, disillusioned by the hypocrisy of the clerical hierarchy in the Old World. Here he faced a new country riddled with factious religious zealots of every description, all claiming their own brands of religion as the only acceptable path to righteousness. Campbell fought to pare away layers of man-made doctrine and rediscover God’s truth at its source: Holy Scripture and the elegant simplicity of Christ’s teachings. Wrestling with God opens doors to new spiritual journeys. Its compelling message is delivered by asking questions rather than imposing answers. It transcends denominational barriers and cuts to the core of faith.

He faced an energetic young America riddled with religious zealots of every persuasion, all claiming that their particular brand of religion was the only right one. Alexander Campbell sought to pare away the layers of human-made doctrine and rediscover God's truth at the source: Holy Scripture and the elegant simplicity of Christ's teachings. He built a large following that became known as the "Restoration Movement" that has millions of adherents today in such groups as the Disciples of Christ and The Churches of Christ. A dramatic film and insightful look into a prominent movement in America's religious experience.

Director: Jerry L. Jackson

Starring: Paul Mercier, Allison Gregory, Bill Hayes, Susan Seaforth Hayes, David Ackroyd

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