Muslim and Christian Alternatives

A brief look at the history of peacemaking in both Christian and Muslim tradition, plus stories of how these faith groups work for peace.

Stories include:

* A peace camp for Christian, Jewish and Muslim children building bridges of understanding about each others' faiths

* A project where Muslims and Christians work together to make quilts for refugees and learn to know one another

* A health clinic established by a group of Muslim medical students to serve their low-income neighbors

* A Christian Peacemaker Team providing a peaceful presence in Iraq

Optional English and Spanish subtitles.

Director:Burton Buller

Starring: Tamim Ansary, Scott Appleby, Philip Clayton, Sherry Holbrook, Jon Hoover, Shafiq Hudda, Lynne Hybels, Martin Marty, Rashied Omar, Ebbo Patel, N. E. Rash, David W. Shenk, Jihad Turk, Najeeba Syeed-Miller

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